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Throat Hit

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At Vaporham Lincoln we’re pretty forward about trying to sell you E-Liquid based on the flavor of our E-Liquids. While we think that flavor is the most important part of a good E-Liquids, we know that it is not the sole factor that goes into a juice’s overall taste.

An E-Liquid's taste is just like food or fine wine in this regard. In food, a good chef doesn’t pay attention just to flavor in a vacuum. That chef knows that texture, temperature, plating, and “mouthfeel” all contribute to a dish’s overall taste. While temperature is something of a nonstarter, (after all, vapor is, almost by definition, hot) these other areas can roughly be adapted to E-Liquids. I specifically want to talk about adapting mouthfeel into something more vape-y.

We consider ourselves a gourmet kitchen for E-Liquids. We pay attention to every small detail in our juices beyond their standard flavor profile. Furthermore, like a chef, we try to pair these aspects with the flavors themselves. For example, one of the main aspects of taste you be aware of when you’re evaluating the taste of an ejuice is “throatfeel” or “throat hit”, which you can probably guess, is the feeling the vapor leaves in the back of your throat when you breathe it in. Certain flavorings like cinnamon or menthol have a powerful throat hit that’ll leave the back of your throat tingly. A lot of vapers who used to be cigarette smokers like a strong throat hit like that. For them, I’d recommend a higher concentration of nicotine along with flavors like Baja Breeze or Synapse. A lot of vapers, though, prefer a much smoother throat-feel that pairs well with candy or fruit flavors like America or Revolution.

Of course, we offer you all sorts of variable nicotine concentrations, so try experimenting with different flavors at different concentrations! 

If you every have any questions on what flavor could best fit your need please do not hestitate to drop us a line at hello@vaporhamlincoln.com

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